It is compulsory for all students in Years 8 to 11 to study Mathematics.

Middle School


Middle School students at Murray Bridge High School study Mathematics under the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. In MYP mathematics, the four main objectives support the IB learner profile, promoting the development of students who are knowledgeable, inquirers, communicators and reflective learners. The four main skill areas of knowledge and understanding, investigating patterns, communication and reflection in mathematics are assessed in the teaching programme.
In order to give students the best opportunity to learn in an environment that supports their learning, Middle School Maths classes are streamed. Murray Bridge High School also offers IVEC Maths to students who need support with Mathematics.

Senior School

All Year 11 students are required to study and gain at least a C grade (in the New SACE) in at least one semester of Mathematics. From 2010, four different Maths subjects are being offered at Murray Bridge High School at Stage 1 to give all students the opportunity to gain a C grade. These are Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematic Pathways and Numeracy for Work and Community Life.
At Stage 2, students who choose to continue with Mathematics can study Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Studies, Applied Mathematics or Maths and the Community.

For futher information please download our Curriculum Prospectus.

 Curriculum.Prospectus.pdf (1.83 MB)

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