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A website is sponsored by the Australian Government and describes itself as "the complete Australian parenting resource from newborns to teens" and provides information as diverse as 'Parenting in Pictures' - step-by-step skills for baby care, to Cybercitizens - being responsible on-line for teenagers. It is a useful resource for parents.

Student Counsellors

Murray Bridge High School has two student counsellors who offer a wide range of services and support for students, staff and parents. They provide professional counselling as well as referral to government and non government agencies to support members of the school community.
Areas of Counselling include: 

Interagency Coordination
Work with and coordinate services and Agencies for students Agencies
- Centacare
- Disability SA
- Reconnect 
- Workskil 
- Local Council
- Families SA 
- Community Bridging Services 
- Employment Options DECS
- Murraylands Headspace Bridge Clinic
- Murray Mallee Community Health Carers SA 

Career Counselling
- Career counselling, particularly around tertiary education
- Satac University and TAFE entry


Student Immunisations

Harassment / Restorative Justice 

- Assist with Harassment seminars at the beginning of each year
- Work with Restorative Justice practices within the Harassment Policy and with other issues as they arise

- Monitor and supervise exemptions

Program Implementation
- Student Well being
- Safe Schools program
- Mental health programs
- Domestic violence programs
- Alternate programs 
- Girls at Risk programs
- Anger management programs 
- Individual case management of students at Risk
- Drug Strategy Implementation
- Policy review and development
- Child Protection Curriculum

Student Counsellor

Helen Partridge


p +61 8 8531 9500
f  +61 8 8531 9595

Student Counsellor

Isaac McEvoy


p +61 8 8531 9500
f  +61 8 8531 9595

Use of Facebook by Students

 Insights_Facing_Facebook.pdf (398.19 KB)

Internet Usage - Information for parents

 ThinkUKnow e.doc (60.00 KB)

DECS Pamphlet - Advice for parents/caregivers

Bullying & Harassment at schools

 DECD Pamphlet - Advice for parents & caregivers.doc (127.77 KB)

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