Transition to High School

Year 7 – 8 Transition Program

Each year Murray Bridge High School conducts a comprehensive Transition Program, which allows prospective Students and Caregivers to: 

• Gain information about Murray Bridge High School 
    • Curriculum 
    • Policies / Procedures /Expectations
    • Extra Curricular Activities
• Gain an insight into High School life
• Make a smooth and supported transition into the Murray Bridge High School community 


A full program with dates will be available in April

The program starts in May with Transition Evening Visits to Primary Schools.
Followed by
• Year 7 Transition Information Night at Murray Bridge High School
• Distribution of MBHS information / enrolment packages
• Case conferences with Students at risk / Disabilities
• MBHS Student and Teacher Visits to Primary Schools
• Extra Transition Visits for students at risk 

Culminating in December with
1 day Transition Visits by Primary School students to Murray Bridge High School where the students are accompanied by their Primary School teacher to the high school. During the day the students experience a range of lessons in different Learning areas and have the opportunity to meet with their Year 11 Peer Support Leaders for the following year.

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