Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education at Murray Bridge High School


The Aboriginal Education Team at Murray Bridge High School consists of:
2 Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer: Cheryl Love and Joffre Pearce
1 SAASTA Coordinator: Sherry Bone
1 Aboriginal Education Teacher: Ty Burkett
3 SAASTA Teachers: Sherry Bone, Ty Burkett, Lyndsee Frost.
2 Tutors: Loraine Pearce, Louis DeMichele.  
1 Aboriginal Student Mentors: Greg Carter (yr 8)
1 Cultural Studies Teacher: Lachlan Miles
Aboriginal EALD Teacher:  TBA

The team’s role is to support all Aboriginal students at Murray Bridge High School. Our main focus is to support students’ literacy, numeracy, attendance and well-being. We aim to do this by maintaining high expectations of our Aboriginal students and engaging with the community wherever possible. We encourage our students to connect with and be proud of their culture. Aboriginal students have the opportunity to participate in a number of cultural events such as the Recognition walk, the Reconciliation breakfast, NAIDOC week and the Aboriginal Health Fair Day.
The Cultural Studies program is designed to explore the Australian Curriculum History and Geography with an Aboriginal Perspective. These classes also include a language component by which students can link study of the Ngarrindjeri language to aspects of history and geography. During the year, the Cultural Studies classes have been on a number of excursions including Ngaut Ngaut Aboriginal Heritage Site and the Migration Museum. A documentary film maker came to the school and made a short documentary about the Cultural Studies class which featured on NITV.

Murray Bridge High School has been part of the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) since 2010. The SAASTA program is a unique sporting and educational program that provides Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander high school students with the skills, opportunities and confidence to Dream, Believe and Achieve in the areas of sport, education, employment and healthy living.
It is the aim of SAASTA to encourage every student to aim high by raising the bar of expectation they place on themselves and their peers in areas such as attendance, participation, educational achievement and behaviour. Because of this approach our students are considered ambassadors and role models who represent not only SAASTA but their schools, families and communities.
The Murray Bridge High School SAASTA Academy offers subjects within the Stage I and Stage II curriculum, as well as VET pathways:

Stage I: Integrated Learning

  • Semester 1 – Aboriginal Power Cup
  • Semester 2 – SAASTA Shield

Stage II: SAASTA Integrated Learning

  • Full year course

VET Pathways:

  • Certificate III in Sport and Recreation.

Aboriginal Power Cup:
This three-day event focuses on cultural activities, health, career and tertiary pathways and the much hyped 9-A-Side football competition which is hotly contested by each of the academies.
In the lead up to the carnival students are required to work both individually and in teams to complete a series of set curriculum tasks. All tasks are judged on a points system with the highest ranked male and female teams earning the right to play off in the Grand Final at Adelaide Oval before a Port Adelaide Power home game.


This subject has been developed to follow on from the Aboriginal Power Cup. Like the APC, this subject culminates in a two-day sporting carnival where academies will compete in a round-robin format which focus on two different sports each year to claim the SAASTA Shield. In 2017, Murray Bridge High School will be competing in Netball and Tag Rugby at the SAASTA Shield.

Certificate III in Sport and Recreation

There are fourteen modules in this subject which are mainly sporting based with a particular focus on skill developed, tactics, physical conditioning and the attainment of the Senior First, Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare and various Base Level Coaching certificates. Students complete modules in class and then are assessed at Regency TAFE. They attend these TAFE blocks in the last week of terms 1, 2 and 3.
Academy students who successfully completed all modules will receive a nationally accredited qualification.

SAASTA Connect

SAASTA connect is a program which leads and prepares students for Stage I and Stage II SAASTA. Through the SAASTA Connect program students have the opportunity to learn new skills and the importance of regular physical activity as well as a focus on the importance of learning more about traditional Language and culture. Students also study health topics including nutrition, drugs and alcohol, sexual health and relationships. All curriculum materials are aligned to the Australian Curriculum

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