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Starting in 2013 the Arts Curriculum and Assessment in years 8 to 10, will be based on the Australian Curriculum and the full recommendations of the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority will be implemented in 2015. All of the Arts disciplines will develop and deliver units of work incorporating the strands of Making and Responding as outlined in the Australian Curriculum.

The Arts are fundamental to the learning of all young Australians. The Arts make distinct and  unique contributions to each young person’s ability to perceive, imagine, create, think, feel, symbolise, communicate, understand and become confident and creative individuals. The Arts in this Australian curriculum will provide all young Australians with the opportunity to imagine and creatively engage, personally and collectively within their real and imagined worlds. Engagement in all the Arts, shapes our thought and activity, and makes a significant contribution to the broader community.

Each of the Arts assists in developing identity, confidence, social participation andinclusion. Cultural diversity and indigenous cultural heritage are integral to all art forms.

The Arts have a special relationship with learning, in that the Arts can be learned and can be used as a tool by which to learn about something else. Fully understanding the Arts involves critical and practical study. Through critical and practical study students have the opportunity to explore, experiment, create, analyse and critique, and ultimately discover multiple meanings in artwork.

Students will experience and study the following five art forms to develop their arts practice and aesthetic knowledge:

 Dance

 Drama

 Media Arts

 Music

 Visual Arts.

During Year 8, most students will have the opportunity to explore each of the arts areas, studying each subject for one term. In Year 9 and 10 they are required to choose at least one arts subject that they would like to pursue. In Year 11 and 12 students may undertake arts subjects through their SACE certificate.


  • Audio Editing

  • Dance

  • Music Rehersal

  • Drama Rehearsal

  • Drama

  • Rock Eisteddfod Challenge

  • Karoonda Farm Fair 1

  • Karoonda Farm Fair 2

  • Karoonda Farm Fair 3

  • Adam Page Concert

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