Tourism stage 1 develops an understanding of the nature of tourists, tourism and the tourism industry. Students investigate local, national and global tourism, and explore tourism as a business. Students gain an understanding of complex economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts of tourism. A students' understanding of the sustainable management of tourism is central to the subject. It is studied as a 10 credit (semester) subject. Tourism is not offered at SACE Stage 2 at Murray Bridge High School.

Topics will include 3 of the following:

Investigating the History of Tourism; Exploring Tourism in the Local Area; Examining Local Impacts of Tourism; Preparing for International Travel; Understanding Tourism and Natural Environments; Examining Tourism and Technological Change; Appreciating Tourism in Australia; Investigating Tourism Markets; Tourism Industry Skills; Understanding the Role of Organisations and Government in Tourism

Assessment tasks include:

Case study of the Local Area; Sources Analysis; Practical Activity; Investigation


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