Workplace Practices

Workplace practices is a SACE stage 1 subject studied at Year 10 and/or Year 11 as a 10 credit unit.

Students develop knowledge, skills, and understanding of the nature, type and structure of the workplace. They learn about the changing nature of work, industrial relations, legislation, safe and sustainable workplace practices, and local, national, and global issues in an industry and workplace context. Students can undertake learning in the workplace and develop and reflect on their capabilities, interests, and aspirations. The focus capabilities for this subject are personal development, work, and learning. 

Workplace Practices comprises the following focus areas of study:
   - Industry and Work Knowledge
   - Vocational Learning 

The subject may include the undertaking of Vocational Education and Training (VET) as provided under the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).

The school actively encourages students in the Senior School to participate in Work Experience and Observation as an integral part of the school curriculum. This program aids students in course selection, preparation for entry into the workforce and post-secondary education. Year 10 students undertake a week of Work Experience as part of the SACE Stage 1 - Workplace Practices subject. Students are given every assistance in arranging the placement which must be approved through the school. They will be given the opportunity to liaise with employers and have the chance to assess this experience. We believe that Work Experience is of great educational and social benefit to students and expect that all students will participate. Workplace Practice courses in the SACE have a specific component of Work Experience.

Work Experience aims to help students develop an understanding and awareness of:
- The relationship between school and the world of work.
- The range of possible futures for them.
- The nature of technological change and its social, political and economic effects.
- The realities of the work situation.
- The skills necessary to find, maintain and cope with employment.
- Their personal values and the values of society.
- The ability to make and act on decisions about real personal and social concerns.
- Their own abilities.

For more information about the Work Experience program contact the Work Education Coordinator.

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