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Inclusive Education Centre



 Students in the Senior class undertake the modified SACE at Stage 1 and 2. They participate in a range of community and global partnerships and enjoy working with the Socially Assistive Robots.

Commonwealth Bank Teaching Award


Dr Christine Roberts-Yates is the recipient of the Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards with 11 other educators from across the nation. These are prestigious, new national awards established to recognise and reward outstanding teaching and school leadership. As Teaching Fellows, these leading educators will receive world-class professional development opportunities and funding for a significant project at their schools.

Community Partnership


Senior students design and sew a range of colourful pillow slips and present them with pillows and soft, quilted story books to young people in the Adelaide Craniofacial Unit. They enjoy visiting the young children and meeting the staff. The students also embroider blankets for the homeless with the Salvation Army and sew pouch liners and blankets for injured joeys and possums at Minton Farm.

Breakfast Programme

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The students in the Senior class prepare breakfast each day for 21 students in our industrial training kitchen. It is hard work and great fun.

Small Business Enterprise

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Senior students design and produce commercial quality blankets, Greeting cards, quilted soft story books, personalised embroidered products, bunting and bibs, silk scarves and shopping bags, pouch liners and blankets for injured wildlife and pillow slips, which are sold intrastate, interstate and overseas.

Birthing Kits


Senior students as part of their modified SACE Business and Enterprise assemble  400 birthing kits for women in Africa.

Hard at work at the Ag Farm


Senior students as part of their modified SACE Scientific Studies programme, work at the farm each week caring for the chickens, ducks, goats, steer, sheep and milk calves. It is hard work but great fun!



Senior students work with Socially Assistive Robots to undertake various projects including assembling an internal combustion engine and the building of Leonardo da Vinci's self-supporting bridge using the Law of Statics in Physics.

SA Refugee Week Poster Awards Exhibition 2017


Four students from the Senior class have submitted their digital posters for selection in the exhibition at the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery in Adelaide.

Constuction Art


Senior students under instruction from Phil, the Socially Assistive Robot, designed and constructed an ethanol molecule using 3D Doodler pens.

Animal Assisted Therapy


Senior students enjoy grooming Lapin, our giant Flemish blue rabbit, each day. He is an important part of our animal assisted programme and has the run of the Unit's organic kitchen garden. He thoroughly enjoys all the attention.

School Formal


Senior students are enjoying the school 'formal'  at Murray Bridge Town Hall.



Students  in the middle school class participate in a range of activities across the learning areas including swimming, structured workplace learning at Monarto Zoo, outside gym at the Sturt Reserve, water sampling at Swanport wetlands, Health, literacy, Numeracy, General Science, Art, Geography and History.



Students  enjoy swimming lessons in the hydrotherapy pool each week.

Structured Workplace Learning


Students participate in a recycling project each week at Monarto Zoo. This raises funds for educational programmes about conservation for children in Africa.

Socially Assistive Robots


The NAO robot is sharing a social story about bullying with the students.

A good catch!


Students enjoy fishing along the river at Tailem Bend.

Disability Unit Youtube Channel



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