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Murraylands Student Pathways (MSP)

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For further information contact:
Roxanne Rowland
VET Senior Leader
p 08 8531 9526



MSP courses are designed to establish vocational pathways for students. the advantages of MSP courses is that they not only offer students the opportunity to achieve SACE results but also get TAFE accreditation for the same work. Vocational Education and Training is a way for students to experience the world of work in a range of occupations whilst still at school. This will take the form of "Off the job learning" - which might happen at school or with another training provider or "On the job learning" - which will happen at one or more workplaces


Students will be trained in skills, which will improve their chances of being employed. Many of these skills will be useful for a range of careers beyond the MSP course in which they might enrol. They will leave school with qualifications recognized by both the education system and industry. students can also gain credit towards traineeships and apprenticeships, giving them a head start. They will gain hands-on experience in their chosen course, allowing them to make better career choices.

Students will receive credit towards their SACE. The MSP qualification will be a Certificate or a Statement of Attainment listing the units completed. These qualifications will be recognized by industry and Registered Training Organizations throughout Australia.


MSP courses can help to give a focus for future work. It's a way of sampling the world of work. For each MSP course that is studied, students will receive accreditation towards an award that industry recognizes. For each unit that students successfully complete, credit will be gained towards a Certificate. MSP courses can lead to TAFE courses, University courses and/or direct employment.

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