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Skills Centre

Lower Murray Regional Skills Centre


The Skills Centre is located on site within Murray Bridge High School and offers a range of programs many with Vocational Educational links. The Automotive program offers IBMYP curriculum for year 10 students undertaking the Subject Energy Technology. Students in this subject look at new energy technologies with an emphasis on vehicle systems, past, present and future. Students are encouraged to undertake workshop practices to develop both skills and understanding of the automotive workshop environment. Year 11 & 12 students undertake new SACE Stage 1 and SACE Stage 2 Systems & Control Products where they continue with workshop practice and look to develop minor service and repair skills. Automotive students also undertake a number of TAFESA Automotive Certificate VET Units in the areas of OHS&W and Environmental issues. This is supported by TAFESA Murray Bridge Campus. Students have the opportunity to continue this pathway in future learning with TAFESA should they seek to undertake Traineeship & Apprenticeship studies and a career in the automotive industry. 

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