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History of Murray Bridge High School

In 1912, on behalf of Murray Bridge, the Hon. J. Cowan (later Sir), approached the Education Department with the request that a High School with an Agricultural base be established.

On January 20, 1913 the new Secondary School at Murray Bridge (then called a Continuation School) was opened. It was attached to Murray Bridge Primary School, being situated in one room of that school. It opened with 25 students as a first year class, whose parents were obliged to sign an agreement to keep students at school for at least one year.

In 1920 a small school of three rooms and office was built in Beatty Terrace and under more favourable conditions the school grew in numbers. A spirit of pride in their own school became evident among the students.

In 1932 the House System was started, the school being divided into three Houses – Barker, Murray and Sturt. This was created to stimulate competition in scholastics and sport within the school. Due to the increasing enrolment of students, Hindmarsh was added as the fourth House in 1961.

The original school badge was introduced by Mr A.R. Hilton. The badge was designed in the form of a horsheshoe with “Labor omnia vincit” inscribed thereon as the school motto. The words “Murray Bridge” and the initials D.H.S in the centre marked it as the badge of the Murray Bridge District High School. This was completely changed in 1934 when the present badge was adopted. The design was the result of a competition among staff and students. It included the Lamp of Learning on the open Book of Knowledge, surrounded by the Laurel Wreath of Achievement with an encircling belt with the school’s name. Underneath on a scroll is inscribed the school motto, “Sic itur ad astra”

In 1972, Murray Bridge High School moved to the present site in Lohmann Street.

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