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Peer Support


The Peer Support Program is based on the belief that improving social skills, confidence, and self-esteem in people, particularly at an early age, can develop positive relationships.



The program involves:

• The training of volunteer Year 10 students ready for leadership of small groups of younger students.
• The training occurs in an environment where students can develop leadership skills and experience group development with a social skills focus.
• During semester 1, they will study Peer Support as a Year 11 subject.
• During term one they will work with Year 8 students on Team Building, Outdoor Education and Health & Personal Development skills and accompany them on a day trip to Monarto Zoological Park.
• During term 2 they will work with small groups of Year 8 students on a social skills program which includes topics such as cooperation, communication, feelings & emotions, relationships, decision making, problem solving and self awareness.
• Throughout the semester, group leaders will have ongoing support from the Peer Support subject teacher, and share ideas, discuss problems, practice, plan and evaluate the program.

This program has been running at Murray Bridge High School for many years and the feedback has identified the following benefits :

For the Year 8 Students : 
• Provides a safe and caring environment for open discussion 
• Assists with a smoother transition into a new environment 
• Provides links to older students in the school community 
• Develops a feeling of belonging and self worth 
• Develops personal and social skills

For the Year 11 Group Leaders : 
• Develops leadership potential. 
• Develops personal skills including communication, assertiveness, self-awareness & control, organisation, tolerance, responsibility and patience.
• Provides an opportunity to take an active role in supporting younger students.
• Develops a sense of worth and satisfaction in having made a positive contribution to the school community.
• Develops a supportive network with other group leaders.

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