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A website is sponsored by the Australian Government and describes itself as "the complete Australian parenting resource from newborns to teens" and provides information as diverse as 'Parenting in Pictures' - step-by-step skills for baby care, to Cybercitizens - being responsible on-line for teenagers. It is a useful resource for parents.

Student Wellbeing Team


Student Wellbeing Leaders- Miss Waye and Mr Braun, Pastoral Care Worker- Jessie Heidenreich, and Wellbeing Engagement Mentor- Mr Emmins support students who struggle with Anxiety, Depression, Family Conflict, Self-Harm, Suicidal Ideation, Emotional Regulation, Anger Management, and other Mental Health concerns. We listen to your child’s needs, communicate with you, and access a range of different EXTERNAL SUPPORT SERVICES (listed below) to support your child. We manage and support children in care.

Student Pathways Leaders of Year 8- Mr Burkett, 9- Mr Daly, 10- Mrs McLaren, 11- Mrs Bennett, 12- Mr Herdman assist your children in making positive choices and navigating their way through their schooling life. This includes subject choices and establishing a positive mindset regarding their future. They also support students with behaviour management, and bullying/harassment concerns.

ALL teachers at MBHS provide your child with a safe and positive learning environment by looking out for their needs and being available to chat with them, about their general wellbeing. Professional boundaries are clear and further concerns are passed onto the WELLBEING TEAM.



Homegroup- Every morning students check in with the teacher any concerns, issues that may impact their learning or behaviour. They may also share positive information. Teachers will be approachable, develop relationships, hand out notices and take required action should they be concerned.

Personal Development Subject. This subject occurs once per week and is generally taught by the Homegroup teacher. It is mapped against the Child Protection Curriculum which the school has a duty of care to teach to all students. The subject helps students address their understanding of the General Capabilities and their own personal growth. Students aim to complete their Personal Learning Plan, and develop their e-portfolio’s during this subject.


Whole School Rewards Program- MBHS Highs. Teachers recognise students who support others in the community by giving them a MBHS High. At the end of each term students who earn a MBHS High earn a reward to say thank you for making a positive contribution to the community. This includes providing a morning tea or lunch during the last week of the term. 

Targeted Programs. School invests in programs such as:

Youth Opportunities, (yr10)

Operation Flinders

Seasons for Growth

Focus Days- Harmony Day

Bullying No Way

Are U OKAY Day

Girls Group/ Boys Group (Yr. 9)

LDAT Drug Action Team

Domestic Violence walk


EXTERNAL SUPPORT SERVICES: (Website- Wellbeing/Screen for bold only + update student hub)

Emergency: 000

Students can access the Student Wellbeing Hub @ for support.

SAPOL: 13 14 44

Reach Out:

Lifeline 24/7: Ph. 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: Ph: 1300 224 636

Kids Helpline 24/7: Ph. 1800 551 800

Suicide Standby Response: Ph. 0437 752 458

Suicide Call-back Service 24/7: Ph. 1300 659 467

Regional Access 24/7: Ph: 1300 032 186

1800 RESPECT 24/7: Ph: 1800 737 732

Homeless Gateway 24/7: Ph: 1800 003 308

Youth Gateway 24/7: Ph: 1800 807 364

Men’s Line Australia- 1300 789 978

Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence Gateway: Ph: 1800 800 098

Centacare- Murray Mallee Adelaide Hills Domestic Violence Service: Ph: 82 15 63 20

Centacare- Supporting Children and Youth: Ph:  82 15 63 20

Family Relationships Legal Aid: Ph: 1800 050 321

Headspace: 85 31 24 26 or 1800 650 890

AC CARE- Reconnect: Ph: 85 31 49 00 or 1300 222 273

Mission Australia: Ph: 82 18 28 00

Child Abuse Report Line: 13 14 78

Student Wellbeing

Leah Waye


p +61 8 8531 9500
f  +61 8 8531 9595

Student Wellbeing

Chris Braun

Chris Braun (Staff).jpg

p +61 8 8531 9500
f  +61 8 8531 9595


Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations, and we all feel anxious sometimes
– it might be about exam results, a job interview or talking in front of a group of people.

For more information please visit

Use of Facebook by Students

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DECD Pamphlet - Advice for parents/caregivers

Bullying & Harassment at schools

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