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Subject Offerings

Year 10

Murray Bridge High School aims to provide every student with the knowledge, understanding and skills that provide a foundation for successful and lifelong learning and participation in the Australian community. High Expectations will be set for all students. All Year 10 students will study a combination of subjects that provide a range of valuable experiences, leading to the successful completion of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

Year 10 students study a combination of compulsory and choice Australian Curriculum subjects. The SACE Stage 1 Personal Learning Plan is also undertaken at Year 10. Year 10’s choose 6 Choice Subjects to be studied throughout the year. Most Year 10 Choice Subjects are one semester in length. However, some subjects must be studied for a Full Year. Students should make their choices based on their own interests and their future directions.

We know that for students to be successful in Senior School, they need to have practised and mastered the skills presented in classes from Year 8 through to Year 10 in all subject areas. Students who do not demonstrate competency in the subjects of the year level they are currently in will not automatically go to the next year level. This decision has been endorsed by Governing Council.  The school will work individually with students and parents/caregivers in order to provide the tools for a student to have the greatest opportunity for success.

Year 10 Curriculum

Compulsory Subjects – Full Year

English or English as an Additional Language (EAL)


Personal Learning Plan


Compulsory Subjects – 1 Semester

HASS - History

Physical Education and Health (PE focus)  OR  Physical Education and Health (Outdoor Education focus)                                                                                          

Choice Subjects – Full Year



Music – Sound Production 1 (VET – Certificate III)

Music – Special Interest

SAASTA Power Cup & SAASTA Shield

Choice Subjects – 1 Semester

Agriculture A

Agriculture B

Automotive Technology

Child Studies

Dance A

Dance B

Digital Technology

Disruptive Technologies (Entrepreneurial Education focus)

Drama A

Drama B

Electronic Technology

Food Technology A

Food Technology B

Maths Extension

Media Arts A

Media Arts B

Metal Technology

Physical Education Choice

Shark Tank eSchool (Entrepreneurial specialist subject)

Visual Arts (Art) A

Visual Arts (Art) B

Visual Arts (Design) A

Visual Arts (Design) B

Wood Technology

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