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Subject Offerings

Year 11 (SACE Stage 1)

Expectations of SACE Stage 1 Students

Stage 1 Students:

  • are expected to be committed to their studies and show initiative in order to attain success
  • must take responsibility for the planning and completion of all work
  • are expected to use Daymap for monitoring deadlines and submitting assessment tasks
  • are expected to do a minimum of 2 hours of homework each night
  • must follow the school deadline policy for completing and handing in work
  • will attend regularly

Curriculum pattern at Stage 1

At SACE Stage 1 students are required to study a specific number of subjects.  The SACE requires students to study 5 compulsory units. At Murray Bridge High School all students study 4 of these units at Stage 1:

  • 2 Semesters of English or English as an Additional Language (20 credits)
  • 1 Semester of Mathematics (10 credits)
  • 1 Semester Research Project (10 Credits)

Students will select an additional 9 Stage 1 semester subjects (14 classes in total across 2 semesters), with additional option for VET enrolment. All Year 11 students will be allocated 1 semester of private study.

SACE Stage 1 Assessment

Students work will be assessed against SACE performance standards for each subject.  They will be assigned a grade on an A-E scale.  In compulsory subjects students must achieve a minimum C-grade standard. Students failing to submit work for assessment will receive an N grade and will not be awarded 10 credits for that subject.

Subject Selection

SACE Stage 1 students study a combination of compulsory subjects and choice subjects. SACE Stage 1 students should take into account their future pathways through to SACE Stage 2 and beyond. Students will complete the SACE Stage 2 Research Project as part of their studies. Many Year 11 Choice Subjects are one semester in length.  However, some subjects must be studied for a Full Year.

In order to be eligible to study SACE Stage 2 at Murray Bridge High School, students at the end of SACE Stage 1 must have completed, with a C grade or better:

  • All compulsory SACE subjects (PLP, 2 semesters of English, 1 semester of Maths, Research Project), and
  • 6 additional SACE Stage 1 semester units or VET equivalent

SACE Stage 1 Curriculum

Compulsory Subjects

English Full Year OR
English as an Additional Language Full Year OR
Essential English   Full Year  
Specialist Mathematics1  Full Year AND
Mathematical Methods  Full Year OR
General Mathematics   Full Year or Semester OR
Research Project A or B (SACE Stage 2)   1 Semester  
Private Study   1 Semester  

1Note: Students studying Specialist Mathematics also study Mathematical Methods.

Choice Subjects

Agriculture A and/or B

Biology A and/or B

Business Innovation A and/or B

Chemistry A and B

Child Studies

Chinese Continuers A and B

Creative Arts A and/or B

Design and Technology (Automotive)

Design and Technology (Metalwork A and/or B)

Design and Technology (Photography)

Design and Technology (Woodwork A and/or B)

Digital Innovation A or A and B

Drama A and/or B


Food and Hospitality A and/or B

German A and B

Health Education A and/or B

History (Ancient)

History (Modern)

Information Processing and Publishing A and/or B

Music – Sound Production 1 or 2 (VET Certificate III) 

Music A and B

Outdoor Education A and/or B

Peer Support Program (Integrated Learning)2

Physical Education A or A and B

Physics A and B

Psychology A or A and B

SAASTA Power Cup & Shield

SAASTA VET Certificate III

Sport & Recreation (VET Certificate III)

Science Innovation

Visual Arts - Art A and/or B

Visual Arts - Design A and/or B

Workplace Practices

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