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Year 8


All students in Year 8 study a range of Australian Curriculum subjects.  Murray Bridge High School aims to provide every student with the knowledge, understanding and skills that provide a foundation for successful and lifelong learning and participation in the Australian community.  High Expectations will be set for all students.  All Year 8 students will study a combination of subjects that provide a range of valuable experiences and lead to the successful completion of the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE).

We know that for students to be successful in Senior School, they need to have practiced and mastered the skills presented in classes from Year 8 through to Year 10 in all subject areas.  Students who do not demonstrate competency in the subjects of the year level they are currently in will not automatically progress to the next year level.  This decision has been endorsed by Governing Council.  The school will work individually with students and parents/caregivers in order to provide the tools for a student to prove competency and lift work ethic.

Year 8 Curriculum

Compulsory Subjects - Full Year

English or English as an Additional Language (EAL)                             
Physical Education and Health                                                                 

Compulsory Subject - 1 Semester

HASS - Global Perspectives                
HASS - History                                                                                              

Compulsory Language – 1 Semester

Chinese Continuers  OR                                   

Choice Subjects - 1 Term1,2 – students study 6 choice subjects across the year

Music – Special Interest1
SAASTA Connect2                                                                                       
Technologies – Digital Technology                                                         
Technologies – Home Economics                                                           
Technologies - Technology Studies                                                         
Visual Art


Please Note:      
1Some students will study Music – Special Interest in Year 8 for a full year. Applications for the Music - Special Interest program are done through the Year 8 Subject Selection form at  Students studying Music - Special Interest will also study two additional choice subjects and a Language OR four additional choice subject, if no language is chosen. 
2ATSI students have the option to study SAASTA Connect for a full year. Students eligible for this subject will be contacted by the school during Year 7 to 8 transition meetings. Students studying SAASTA Connect will also study two additional choice subjects and a Language OR four additional choice subject, if no language is chosen.

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